So, I thought that my website which I made was good but I thought I could have a larger project, my largest project was when I was in college and made a half baked IRC client and authentication server to access the client. I'm now in uni and have more skills at my disposal, this time I want to make an open source bug tracker in nodejs.

I'm either going to update this post until finished or upload in parts

Here is the GitHub and Gitea repos


First, I started to research different bug trackers and list their basic features, specifically bugzilla, zoho and gitkraken glo boards however I decided to primarily look at bugzilla.

  • Search

    • Search via title or number
  • Sign in

    • Username / Email
    • Password
    • Robot
    • Forgot pass
  • Sign up

    • Username
    • Email
    • Password
  • Bugs

    • Title
    • Opened / Closed / Reopened
    • Description
    • Category
      • Product type
      • component
      • Platform
      • Type
      • Priority
      • Severity
    • Tracking
      • Status
      • Milestone
    • People
      • Assignee
      • Reporter
      • QA Contact (???)
      • Trace Owner (???)
    • The discussion itself
  • Permissions

    • Need to look up

SRS : Software Requirement Specification

I decicded to try and make a SRS due to this project possibly helping me get a job in the future which could help me become more employable. It will be in the GitHub documentation folder.

(To be continued next post)

Graphic Design

I made a few rough sketches in my notepad using simular features of different bug trackers I looked at.

I chose two colours to work with primarily:

I then opened up photoshop and started the design process, I looked at websites I use often as a basis of what would work well and is compelling, such as the positioning of the title bar in youtube and github.

(To be continued next post)