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hello world!

Originally, I had a docker container for Ghost, but I forgot to make the content accessable and I lost my original Hello world! post.

Anyhow, hai! I will go as E on here, just for privacy reasons, even though most likely potential employers will be the ones only seeing this.

I am currently loving web application development, I started learning node.js with express and sass, now I have a development job which I gained from an internship through creating a web app (using Django and tailwind) from scratch in two months ground up.

I have somehow got a 1:1 for the last two years in total! The pandemic made it much harder but I have managed to get through it (I have no clue how though).

I really want to learn more fullstack web dev skills, as well as just get better as a whole. I am also aiming to improve my AI and data science knowledge when I start my dissertation.

Recently, I haven't been learning much dev skills, usually I would work on a personal project in the summer, however the internship ended up being that and was much much more beneficial for me than a project created just by myself. It feels lonely programming alone now.

I just love to learn and explore the domain of tech more in general and hopefully will contibute meaningfully to projects which help others.

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