Hello, I'm Esther!

I'm a student developer based in the UK, studying Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence. Oh, also I do some graphic design / art as a hobby.

As a Computer Science student, I mess around with computers a lot, I really enjoy programming, the main domain website was programmed from scratch using node.js, express and a couple other libraries and was the second time I programmed a project in it.

I know a mix of:

  • Java
  • Python 3
  • HTML, CSS and JS
  • Node.js
  • vb.NET (unfortunately)

I want to start to learn Rust as it seems pretty good. Plus it's icon is a crab and that's neat. Docker as well as it seems to be very useful.

I'm competent with Linux, this whole server was set up by me, I taught myself about the terminal when I first got my raspberry pi which was my first venture into Linux, now my laptop runs Arch and it's great.

I do some graphic design / art, I don't know what it's classed as, it's a mix of both really, I use my background of graphic design to create pieces which help me convey emotions I cannot describe very well.

Cyber Security is another thing I'm venturing down, I have completed two boxes on hack the box, and started to go through more beginner friendly boxes on TryHackMe. Ever since secondary school I have been interested and was almost a finalist in a cyber security competition called Cyber Discovery which was a programme curated by HM Government. There wasn't enough spaces for all of us, however I was entered into a different competiton with people in the same perdicament and won which was great!

I'm planning to write up the development of my different projects and other things I find interesting here, and hopefully you might too.

Thank you for reading!