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pastel.codes update


It has been on my todo list for quite some time but I updated the GitHub repo and the site itself!

From my internship, I have learned so much about keeping good maintainable code and git commit history, as well as project management and CI.

Originally, my personal website was more of an experiment with node.js, express and sass, it ended up becoming my personal site where I could send it off within my CV.

And oh my word, even though I already kinda knew about TDD and CI I was too lazy to actually impliment it in a small test project, but looking back I totally should of.

The git commit history is terrible and unprofessional for something I am essentially showing my potential employer where they judge my proffeciency. I still managed to land the internship!

I entered a virtual version of a messy room with the aim to clean it up and make it all organised again.

I started off with created an automated project (sans the review automation as no one else will work on this project), created a master/main branch protection and populated issues with the aim to make the project something actually maintainable.

My first personal choice of issue to work on was to switch from sass to tailwind.

During my internship, I used tailwind, and made development much more easier than sass. Sass has done me well however I had created a very janky application which felt like it would fall apart any moment, but with tailwind it feels much stable as well as being much more maintainable.

After a whole day I managed to port it over and even fix some UI glitches where now it feels less janky and loads much faster from completely purging bootstrap from the project.

Next, I should go and create unit and functional tests, however I have no clue where to start for node.js, but we got to start somewhere. Then finally I can create my saviour, a GitHub Action workflow.

Thanks for reading this little update!

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